1:1 Sessions

Photo by Mark Tegethoff

A whole 90-minute session dedicated to you and your explorations of what you're going through at the moment. No two sessions have to look or be the same - we are guided by your wisdom and what you need each time.

In our sessions, we can work with Structural Integration to help conditions around pain and physical discomfort, improve posture and physical wellbeing as well release tension. We can also apply the principles of NeuroAffective touch and, by using touch, work on improving the connection between mind-body as we resolve challenging emotional states, reconnect with our bodies in a safe way, and have the embodied experience of support and safety.

With practices that help regulate our nervous system, we can work to improve states of disconnectedness from the present, the lack of safety in our bodies, lack of aliveness or numbness as well as anxiety or a depressed mood. I also offer Somatic Explorations, where we work on a plethora of topics that help uncover different parts of ourselves and what motivates our actions so we can discover our needs and wants.

The practices used in session are not the classic talk therapy approach but rather, a learning-oriented process that truly engages the mind and body so you can understand and embody the takeaways from each session.

Available online from February 2022 for ongoing clients and those seeking on demand sessions whenever required. On-demand sessions can be booked up to 5 days in advance. Please reach out to me at [email protected] at anytime to book in.
Fee: $220/session

Available in-person in Sydney from March 2022. In-person sessions are limited to only a handful of clients and sessions will run every fortnight for 10 x sessions. You will be booked in for the same time and day for each session - eg: every Wednesday at 10am. After the initial 10 sessions, you can decide if you would like to continue with another set of 10 sessions or if you prefer to take a break to integrate the work done.
Fee: $220/session - pay as you go. Payment is due on the day of booking.

Why 10 sessions
From my learnings and experience, I have found that it usually takes 10 sessions for a client to truly experience and embody a shift in their way of living and being. This will allow us enough time to understand what matters to you and where you want to take your therapeutic journey so we can tailor the 10 sessions to get the most out of them each time.

Because my in-person sessions are limited and I want to ensure you get the best out of the therapeutic process, I am only able to take on clients who are able to fully commit to a set of 10 sessions, 1 per fortnight. As I will only be in the practice on a limited number of days, there may be very limited capacity to reschedule. If you do cancel, the cancellation must be paid in full as the hour has been allocated for you and will not be given to anyone else.

If you are a new client who is interested in exploring 1:1 sessions, we can begin with an initial online session to see if we are a good fit.

For new clients seeking bodywork, a trial session can be offered when there is a new opening. Please join our waitlist by emailing us here with the email subject ‘Bodywork Client Waitlist’. Please include your name and contact so we can reach you as soon as a spot becomes available. The intention of this initial session is to see if we're a good fit to continue with a set of 10 sessions.

If you are a client who has committed to 1:1 sessions, you will also have access to our Somatic Explorations Group. This is completely optional to attend and will be a great additional support for the therapeutic process.

If you are interested in exploring this form of therapeutic process but are unable to commit to 10 sessions at this time, our 3-month programme might be a better option for you.