Celeste Carrillo

Structural Integration Practitioner. Embodied Counselling Practitioner. Somatic Movement and Mindfulness Coach

Celeste works with individuals and groups to go beyond the surface and gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what they need. Her aim is to help people work with the body instead of against it, to understand how the physical body, mind and emotions are connected. With 10 years experience in embodied practices she supports her clients to find and create more balance in their lives with a down-to-earth and accessible tools. Celeste approaches sessions with the intention of freeing the body, not ‘fixing it’.

My journey with Structural Integration and Somatic Explorations began within myself. I was in IT Engineering when I felt a nudge within me to “move”... physically and in my life’s path. I felt frustrated and unfulfilled. I was doing what I was told I “should be doing” yet I was unhappy.

I started looking into embodied counselling as a student and it taught me that most of my connection with the world was just not real, it was almost as if I was connected with my ‘fantasy’ or ‘idea’ of the world and of myself, but not my actual, true self. I began paying attention to the body and learned how it helps us return to who we really are. That catapulted my journey and obsession with how experiences are felt through the body, how those experiences then shape our reality and how body-mind-emotions work together.

All of this has led me to see and believe that each one of us have everything within us to change and be happy... we just need to tune into that natural capacity, use and allow it to grow. My passion and ultimate goal with my clients is to help them stop struggling. This means I am here to help you reach your next available level of integration - be it physical, emotional, around beliefs or perceptions of the world. Everything we work on during the sessions can be applied to your daily life and will make a difference for you.

A bit on my background

I have studied, worked and lived in Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina where I completed my IT Engineering studies, became a Bach’s flowers practitioner, Yoga teacher and studied Ady-yoga with the founder. I still have weekly supervision sessions with him… it helps keep me sane. I then moved to Stockholm where I studied with various Structural Integration supervisors and mentors before hopping on a plane to Germany where continued my Structural Integration training and studied with mentors.

A few years ago, I moved to Sydney and it has been a journey of continuous learning with a focus on workshops around mindfulness, somatic movement, and Structural Integration. I’m a constant student of the human expression and what makes us who we are.