Somatic Explorations Group

Finding new ways to be embodied and present in life

Photo by Tim Swaan

Join us for weekly online contemplations, meditations, and self-discovery sessions where we delve into different aspects of ourselves using a somatic and integrative approach. These sessions are designed to help you learn a number of different practices to develop more embodied awareness, presence, equanimity, compassion and aliveness.

During the sessions, you will also be guided to explore different aspects of your mental and emotional self, with the goal of supporting your self-discovery so you can create a more organic and congruent way of living and being.

Our weekly explorations and self-discovery sessions will include topics such as:

  • Curiosity and compassion - approaching life from a place of wonder and love.
  • Orienting from within - finding your own grounded center in your body, here and now.
  • Somatic breathing techniques and self-massage.
  • What stands in the way between myself and happiness right now?
  • What brings a sense of inspiration and purpose to my life?

In the sessions, our process is focused around creating and developing:

  • Observation skills - so you can better observe and understand your responses to situations
  • Embodied awareness - reconnect the mind and body and learn to listen to your body’s wisdom more intuitively
  • Presence - feel fully present in the everyday
  • Self-regulation - find balance and learn how to regulate your emotions and reactions, even through stressful moments
  • Compassion - develop a deeper compassion for yourself
  • Curiosity - learn to get curious about emotions and responses without judgement
  • Integration - discover how you can integrate these learnings in your daily life

Each session is 45-minute and will be structured as follows: 30-minute guided exploration + (optional) 15-minutes for explanation and learning points around the main topic as well as time for Q&A and comments.

Format: Hybrid recorded and Zoom live sessions. Live explorations are recorded and can be accessed later, at any time (Q&A, comments and explanations will not be recorded).

Timings: 45-minute sessions every Saturday for 4 months
March to June - Beginning: Sat 12th March at 8 am
August to November - TBD
Cost: Free of charge!

For anyone requiring consultation sessions to deepen the work, I will be available for 60-minute online consultations - $150 for 1:1 sessions or $100/person for a group of 3

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