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Rolfing & Embodied Counselling

Our bodies hold the stories of who we are but more often than not, we find ourselves struggling to even understand what’s really going on within us. We’re physically stressed and emotionally exhausted.

It's time for that to change.

What we offer

Deepening the body-mind-emotion connection

More often than not, we try to deal with the body from a very surface level. We see what's wrong on the outside and we try to fix it but the truth is - the body isn't meant to be 'fixed', it's meant to be freed.

This is why Somatic Balance was created - our aim is to go beyond the surface and gain a deeper understanding into who we are and what we need. We are here to help people work with the body instead of against it, to begin understanding how the physical body, mind and emotions are one.

Somatic Balance is for anyone who wants to:

Release tension and relieve pain.

Improve the ability to manage internal and external pressure.

Improve posture.

Learn how to deal with physical and emotional stress.

Increase body awareness.

Develop stronger self-esteem.

Clear the mind.

Show up in the world as the best version of themselves.

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9 Telopea Street
Redfern - NSW - Australia

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