Somatic Explorations

A journey of self inquiry

A Somatic Explorations session allows you to engage mental, emotional, physical and/or biological functions in order to bring optimal well-being and healing. Sessions integrate and help develop skills inspired by embodiment practices, body-centred psychology principles, mindfulness, and bodywork therapies.

Somatic Explorations enables us to embody new skills, new competencies, and new ways of being that are relevant to our current commitments and the present vision we have of our life. These practices help develop a “new shape” that allows us to be more present, open, and connected. Without grounded, sincere practices our intentions for change will only be good ideas. Committed practices help us to lever our resilience, develop more choice, respond instead of react, and be centred in stressful situations.

Ultimately this facilitates: self-awareness, boundaries, self-esteem, emotional regulation, empathy, enhanced cognitive processing, easeful decision making of complex situations, body related self confidence, a greater sense of self-control, enhanced intuition, and a feeling of being both authentic and interconnected with others and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Somatic Explorations?

Somatic Explorations is a modality and process which helps us develop a deeper understanding and sense of trust in our own organic nature.

The practice takes into the account the person as a whole being - understanding that through the process of integration of our conflicting needs, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and actions, we can start to reconnect with who we truly are and with what we truly need.

Who is this practice for?

Somatic Explorations can help people of all ages, and with the most varied needs. If you're interested in improving your mind-body-emotions connection, increase your general well being, expand your body awareness and possibilities of expression or seek a deeper understanding into your emotions, Somatic Explorations is for you.

What happens during a session?

You are welcomed into each session with a practice of mindfulness which will help us slow down, tune in and be present in that very moment.

We will then establish the goals which you'd like to work on. This could range from physical tension, emotional responses or a pattern of behaviour you've seen come up in your life. The practitioner may ask you to stand, breathe deeply, take few steps, or pay attention to a prompt or exercise.

The session continues using tools such as breath, contemplation, gestures, movement and noticing tension. We will begin to observe and deepen our understanding of how the present experience is organised, our beliefs around it and our physical and emotional response. You will be guided gently through the process where you can notice, understand and learn about your responses in a safe and organic manner.

How many sessions will I need?

We recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions to truly experience change and feel the benefits. Each session builds upon the progress achieved in the previous one and with each client, the progress may vary. Ultimately, this depends on your goals and the number of sessions required to reach the established goals and long-term benefits varies from person to person.

Are there contraindications?

Somatic Explorations is not psychological or medical treatment. If you are experiencing extreme anxiety, depression or severe trauma, please talk to your general practitioner or psychologist about seeking the right help for what you're going through.

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