In these uncertain times, it’s equally important and challenging to be present and stay grounded. And that’s why I’m offering these Somatic Meditations and Explorations.

The goal of this series is to support and deepen the process of coming back to the body, increasing somatic awareness and connection to the present moment, through a succession of movement explorations and embodiment practices.

You are welcome to practice with us no matter where you are at on your journey. The regular practice of these embodiments and meditations can support you and bring many benefits, such as:

  • increasing your body awareness, and contact with the present.
  • releasing tension and improving posture.
  • enhancing breathing.
  • achieving a greater sense of balance and stability.
  • and since body and mind cannot be separate, you might notice more openness toward the environment and other people, a sense of security and more energy overall.

The following series have been inspired by my training in Structural Integration, Embodied Counselling, Yoga -and some other modalities- as well as on my own explorations of different types of somatic movement practices, such as Hanna Somatics and Feldenkrais.

We are meeting every Monday at 8:10 AM Sydney Time to explore together for 15 minutes. These sessions are free of charge and all you have to do is contact me expressing your interest, and I’ll send you all the info so you can join us.

For those wanting deeper explorations, I’m offering 1:1 sessions. Learn more about Somatic Explorations and book a session today.