Somatic Explorations

Finding new ways to be embodied and present in life

Photo by Dorota Dylka

The goal of these explorations is finding new ways to be more embodied and present in life, and also exploring different tools and resources that can help you create your own practice, or deepen it if you already have one.

Together we'll create a safe space in which we can explore different aspects of ourselves - of that fantastic and mysterious whole that we are. We'll be using different modalities, tools, gestures, movements, concepts and ideas to support us exploring our sensations, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and actions; in order to discover ourselves more and more.

I invite you to come back to these explorations as many times as you consider necessary, and to also create your own explorations, changing or adjusting these ideas to what you might need at different times. Remember that we are exploring ourselves; we are playing with these meditations to see what we discover. Because of this, there is no "right or wrong" exploring, and we are not expecting a specific result. We are walking our own path of self-discovery; and no two paths are the same. I invite you to enjoy and respect yours.

Our last exploration

Exploration 12: Finding our organic rhythm
Let's explore different rhythms in our bodies and find one that feels organic for the present moment.

Previous explorations

Exploration 1: Being one with breath
This time I invite you to go back to the roots: let's be present in the cycle of breath.
Exploration 2: Needs & Purpose
We identify our needs and learn how to satisfy them creatively.
Exploration 3: Movement-Sound/Stillness-Silence
By exploring movement and sound we allow stillness and silence to emerge.
Exploration 4: Free expressions
We use sound as a mean to relax the muscles around the mouth and throat.
Exploration 5: Dissolving boundaries
We shift the perception of our physical, emotional, and mental boundaries to discover our true essence.
Exploration 6: Starting to discover needs
We connect to the here and now through breath to start discovering our true needs.
Exploration 7: Pauses in the breath
We keep exploring our inner selves through breathing, this time we focus on pauses.
Exploration 8: Feeling for what's a Yes or a No
Awakening an embodied awareness of what we want to welcome and what we need to distance ourselves from.
Exploration 9: Clarifying intentions
We dance with the forces of transformation.
Exploration 10: Sensations, Emotions, Thoughts
We start to discover the choreography of our physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts.
Exploration 11: Contemplating Silence
We contemplate silence through images, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

As always, if you require additional support or want to deepen these practices, I am here for you. Drop me a message for more information: [email protected]