This exploration invites you to go back to your body and tune into its wisdom. Inspired by the work of Suzanne Scurlock, who has over 30 years of experience working with different somatic approaches, we’ll turn our attention back to our bodies to rediscover and connect with some of the different Wisdom Areas that are always available to us.

At the 2020 Somatic Movement Summit Suzanne explained that “there is intelligence in every single cell of who we are that’s unique. But if you drop into your heart and you’re embodied in your heart, there’s a way in which that wisdom has its own characteristic that’s different than the wisdom in your gut. It’s different from the wisdom of your pelvis. It’s different from the wisdom that resides in your feet and legs. It’s different from the wisdom that resides deep in the bones of our bodies. All those feed and inform the brain, particularly the prefrontal cortex right here behind your eyes.”

Suzanne goes on to explain that when people learn about and connect with these different wisdom areas, healing can happen much more quickly and in a more lasting way.

Are you ready to give it a try?

As always, if you require additional support or want to deepen these practices, I am here for you. Drop me a message for more information.