Have you ever wished you could “read” someone? Maybe take a peek through their past stories and hopes for the future, understand which pages of their life they have bookmarked as great memories? Well, now we might just be able to do that. Introducing my latest project…

My inspiration comes from books - all those beautiful books out there waiting for us to reach out and make them our companions and friends - and people - all those beautiful people out there waiting for …well, pretty much the same as books, right? So how about creating a book club that’s about people instead of books? I can almost hear you say “What is she talking about?”

I present to you “The Bookworm’s Cavern”:

  • We get together every 3 weeks. No tickets, or cost or anything like that.
  • You’re invited to bring one book with you that stood out in some way: it was the best you’ve ever read, the one that inspired you to make some kind of change in your life, maybe it was the worst book you’ve ever read, or the most boring one, maybe it’s the one you bought 3 years ago because you liked the cover and never got to read it, maybe it’s a dictionary, maybe it’s the only one you have… doesn’t really matter, just one.
  • Through your experience with that book others are invited to have a peek into who you really are. By sharing what the book meant to you, how you changed with it, how you felt, or why you hate the cover, you are sharing a piece of yourself through it.
  • We have a drink together; feel, talk, laugh or cry as needed, and then say goodbye with a hug (maybe?), and repeat all of that again in 3 weeks.

What am I expecting will happen?

Well, for starters have some fun, meet people and be surrounded by books… that alone sounds good enough to me. Maybe we’ll make friends, or read more and discover new books. Well, we’ll see about that.

What I’m not expecting will happen?

We all have to read the same book, or talk about it, or reflect on something, or follow a tight structure, or workshop our life…

When are we meeting?

Every three weeks on Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Interested? If so please get it touch so I can add you to “The Bookworm’s Cavern” mailing list and keep you posted.

Hope to see you there and maybe borrow a book from you some time ;)