Books are magic and marvelous things, wouldn’t you agree? They’ve taught me much, they’ve made me laugh and cry, and they’ve laid in front of me many hidden treasures for which I’m forever grateful. And Rolfing was one of them.

When I first read about it I swear it was love at first sight. It just made so much sense, you know? My mind had such a crush with it and the concept of using gravity as an ally to help your body thrive. After all, we are born into gravity, and it’s probably as important to us as the air that we breathe, or the sun that gives life. Gravity is always there, and this brilliant woman called Ida P. Rolf, not only saw that but she developed an approach to bodywork that uses gravity to free our bodies, to help us be comfortable again, to help us stop struggling. And to me, that’s worth a crush.

I immediately wanted to understand, study and read more - I usually do, you see, but this time it was not only about letting my mind go on with its new crush. No. This time it was my body the only one who could say if what was written in those books was true. So I booked in for a session, asked my mind to be quiet for a while, and let my body decide. Is this crush worth it? Could this be true love?

And let me tell you, in that first session I fell head over heels for it. What a pleasure to be touched in such a different way - there was no agenda, no trying to fix my body because something was wrong with it, not trying to tell me what I should do, not forcing anything. It felt like a physical reminder of the possibilities of comfort, movement and freedom that had always been available for my body, but I somehow had forgotten. It felt like being brought back to myself - as if with each session we were reminding my body of its natural and organic order and alignment. I felt included in the sessions - this wasn’t something being done on me. No. This was something we were doing together; something we were discovering together. And I loved every minute of it.

So in the 10-sessions process my body-mind fell deeply in love with Rolfing, and I went on to study it to understand more. And I’ve received many, many sessions - from teachers, classmates, colleagues- and I’ve loved all of them. Sometimes there was confusion as my body-mind was trying to adapt to the new possibilities. Sometimes there was pain as I was letting go of old tensions that had been with me way too long. Sometimes there was silence, as something new seemed to emerge. Always there was a coming back to myself, to feeling freer, more present, more comfortable in my own skin, more alive.

So when somebody asks me why I became a Rolfer, I always find it hard to explain. Do I talk to them about having a crush? About falling in love? About the tension that disappeared? About how my breath changed? About how my body-mind found comfort from the inside? I’m still not sure. I’d really rather invite them to try, so they can feel it and maybe then they’ll understand why I fell in love, and why this love affair is still going on.