Cultivating your own inner safe space

Session 9

Photo by Deepak Kumar

Welcome to session 9! How amazing it is that you're taking this time to cultivate safety within yourself and all around you. As always, please remember that to have a safe experience as you go through this unsupervised work, it is essential to be mindful of and respect your own limits, times and natural rhythms. Don't push yourself or go beyond what is comfortable or feels right for you. Feel free to pause, skip, or just leave for another moment any part of this class if it becomes overwhelming or challenging for you.


Today we explore an embodied experience of safety, support and protection. This practice conveys three main messages that are fundamental for the emergence of a healthy inner state: I exist. I am protected and safe. My needs matter.

Remember to do this exploration grounded in your curiosity and compassion for yourself. As always, our intention is to cultivate a sense of inner safety and balance.

In Depth

Let's Explore

Please make sure that you have everything ready for the exploration and that you won't be interrupted. Remember that you can choose to have a support person who is simply there in case you need anything.

Hope you enjoy this exploration.

For Your Toolbox

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Nurturing messages

As always, if you require additional support or want to deepen these practices, I am here for you. Drop me a message for more information: [email protected]