Understanding your body's surveillance system

Session 1

Photo by Deepak Kumar

Welcome to session 1! We hope you enjoy our first session together. Please remember that to have a safe experience as you go through this unsupervised work, it is essential to be mindful of and respect your own limits, times and natural rhythms. Don't push yourself or go beyond what is comfortable or feels right for you. Feel free to pause, skip, or just leave for another moment any part of this class if it becomes overwhelming or challenging for you.


Let's Explore

The invitation today is to explore different aspects of ourselves, different parts of who we are, with the intention of observing how we respond in the presence of life threat, danger, and safety.

Grounding Our Exploration

After the exploration, whenever you're ready, I invite you to consider the following ideas and practices. You might want to journal, take notes, or simply spend some time with yourself before moving on to the next section.

Feel free to spend as much time as you need with this section. It is meant to help you explore yourself even further and increase your awareness.

In Depth

Play & Practice

Practice makes the master. I invite you to give these practices a try for the next 7 to 10 days and see what starts to happen and change in your day to day experience. The more you play and use these tools, the more they will be accessible in challenging moments and the more changes you'll start noticing.

For Your Toolbox

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When safety When danger When threat Heart-Body-Mind

As always, if you require additional support or want to deepen these practices, I am here for you. Drop me a message for more information: [email protected]