Reset Yourself!

The Return to Your Natural State of Well-being.
A 10-week Somatic Explorations Program to Restore Your Natural State of Safety, Vitality and Presence

Photo by Deepak Kumar

Hi! Welcome to the program and thank you so much for taking the time to be here.

It is a great pleasure for me to be your host during these 10 weeks that we are going to share. My main goal is to give you tools that will help you explore and get to know yourself, as well as understand your responses and reactions when facing the different challenges that life brings. What is even more important is that these tools and practices that I am going to teach you will help you leave behind those reactive states such as anxiety, stress, constant frustration, and even tiredness or hopelessness, and return to states of greater calm, presence and vitality.

Our approach throughout the program will be somatic, which means that the focus will be on your inner experience, on finding your organic rhythms, and on discovering your own needs and those practices that will support you in satisfying them.

Let's get started then and hope you have an amazing journey back to Your Natural State of Well-being.

Course Sessions

Session 1: Understanding your body's surveillance system

We explore how we respond in the presence of life threat, danger, and safety. What happens inside that prompts us to respond to situations in the ways we do?

Session 2: Exploring the inner landscape

Learning how to observe instead of react. When the story in our mind takes over and knocks us out of balance. How developing presence, curiosity and compassion can help us.

Session 3: Harnessing the power of the present

Learning how to cultivate self-regulation. Moving beyond the story to really listen to the messages it has for us.

Session 4: The more, the merrier

Learning about co-regulation and self-regulation. Developing the skills to compassionately and curiously observe our interactions with other people, as well as the resulting experiences that are co-created.

Session 5: Riding the Merry-Go-Round of neuro-regulation

Bringing a sense of balance to our inner experience. Learning how to differentiate an impulse to do from our needs for regulation. What do I actually need?

Session 6: Discovering the beauty of breath

How breath can support our sense of balance. We learn six different breathing practices to regulate our inner state.

Session 7: Expanding our comfort zone

How to widen our Window of Tolerance. Our skills to self-regulate are strengthened by a new series of somatic practices based on breath, touch and movement – all of which are considered fundamental dimensions to accessing and regulating our inner state.

Session 8: Shift really does happen

Exploring The Wheel of Awareness helps us develop three key skills: being able to aim our attention at will, being able to recognize what might be contributing to a dysregulated inner state, and finding a self-regulating resource.

Session 9: Cultivating your own inner safe space

We explore an embodied experience of safety and protection. This practice conveys three main messages that are fundamental for the emergence of a healthy inner state: I exist. I am protected and safe. My needs matter.

Session 10: The journey doesn't end here

Overview of how each concept, practice or skill explored in previous sessions. Plus one ‘take away gift’: The Recipe – 6 clear and easy to follow steps that will support participants in future challenging or difficult moments.

As always, if you require additional support or want to deepen these practices, I am here for you. Drop me a message for more information: [email protected]